Rex is a young danish actor. He has starred in music videos, short films, plays, a tv-series and a feature film. He has worked professionally as an actor since 2016. 

Rex has studied acting from 2015-2017, at a physical theatre school in Copenhagen, called ‘Akademiet for Musik, Dans og Teater’. He trained at the courses ‘Danseteater’ and ‘Scenekunst’ each for a year consecutively. As this school, he received training in the physical theatre; studying character work, acting techniques, improvisation and textwork – and in addition to that, working through movement such as contact-improvisation, choreography, modern dance, ballroom, ballet and acrobatics. This trained him as a performer, and taught him a great knowledge of his physique, and an awareness of body language; qualities that greatly benefits his work as an actor.

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